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If great customer service is as important to you as low prices and the largest selection in the state, then visit Tom O'Brien Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Indianapolis, located on the north side. 

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By Johnny from Panama City ,FL | April 13, 2013 -- After finding the 2009 SRT8 Jeep online at Tom Obrien Chrysler , I made a call the following morning and got a quick call back from a salesperson. Christne Ohlsen-Carson made this deal work as quick and as easy as it could be done, considering I was 750 miles away! Made the roadtrip from Florida to find the vehicle even better than described and in a few minutes after arriving we were loaded up with all our paperwork done with a nice jeep headed south. Thanks for a great car and courteous service from the sales team at Tom Obrien Chrysler Jeep.

by Willie from Indianapolis, IN | March 29, 2013 -- We recemtly worked with Rob Sloan at Tom O'Brien to get a car to meet our needs. We have a 2013 Town and Country van on a 39 month lease and couldn't be happier. Rob was most helpful in presenting both a purchase and lease version for us. He also helped by showing us many of the new features on the new car. Rob would be a great person to see if you are in the market for a new or used car. I know we'll be back to see him in another 37 months! I would have written this sooner, but we have been enjoying the new car too much!

by PmanPaul from Indianapolis,IN | March 27, 2013 -- I wrote a review earlier but I'm not sure if it went through. Over the past month I have been to 10 different dealerships looking for the right vehichle for my family. Out of all the dealers I've visited this is the only one I'm going to review. I am a very selective buyer and I always shop around to make sure I find the best deal. I SHOULD NOT HAVE WALKED OUT ON THIS DEALERSHIP! The best sales staff around. The salesman who helped me was very professonal and said amazing things about working for the O'brien Family. You could tell he was excited about the company and helping people find the right car.(I didnt find that at the other 9 dealerships I visited this month) He offered me a fair trade in for my Hyundai XG350 and spent a good amount of time showing be a Chevy Uplander minivan that I wanted for my growing family. Even though I was looking at a less costly used minivan, he treated me as if I was buying a brand new car off the lot. (Trust me. I've Shopped for cars everywhere. No other dealership gave me this type of attention.) When I was done wasting time shopping around, the Chevy mini sold. (Probably to someone smarter than me. lol) Trust me when I say they are the best to deal with and more helpful than most. I'm going to continue to shop the lot at Tom O'brien and wait to buy from them the next time they have a van that fits my needs. Thank you again for the great service.

by Paul from Indianapolis, IN | March 27, 2013 -- Even though I wasn't able to purchase the minivan I wanted, it was a great experience. I came in to this dealership to look at a Chevy Uplander minivan for my growing family. The salesman spent plenty of time with me and offer a nice amount on my Hyundai XG350 as a trade in. I left the dealership happy with my time spent and wanted to shop around. I WISH I DIDN'T WALK. They really offered a great price and of course sold the van to someone who was smarter than me. I am going to keep checking in with this dealer to see if they have something in the future that meets my needs. Thank you again to all of you. I plan on seeing you again soon.

by Indy Richard from Indianapolis | March 22, 2013 -- I have purchased a couple of vehicles from Tom O'Brien starting when they were on Keystone south of 54th street. I will probably go back again because of their selection and price. I had a mixed experience this time. During the first visit I made I was given a take it or leave it price on a vehicle, so I left. A month later I returned and purchased a Chrysler 200S. Christine Ohlsen-Carson worked with me on a price we could agree on and when I signed the papers, the business manager set me up with a warranty to cover major repairs as long as I own the car. I did call Christine back as soon as I got home as I noticed a ding and a spot or two that could use some touchup. The call was not returned. Also, the vehicle had a questionable tire that we discussed during the test drive. A check with the service department brought the response that the car had been sitting with a low tire for a while and if I drive it enough it will smooth out. It's been a month and I'm still not getting a smooth ride as I would expect. Nice facility. Somewhat uneven experiences with the sales personnel.

by Robert Baker from Indianapolis IN | March 21, 2013 -- our salesperson, Colleen Kelley did a great job of following up our initial interest in a new Dodge Charger. She informed us of a special sales incentive that made the deal affordable. She is new at the agency but knew how to make the deal happen. The negotiating was pleasant and allowed us to consider alternative vehicles.

by Charles Barnette from Arcadia, In | March 16, 2013 -- We just bought a 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan and we love it, I looked online for what we wanted, Christine Ohlsen-Carson had it at Tom Obrien on 96th Street ready and waiting for us. We went in looked at it, signed the papers and drove off. It was the easiest purchase ever. They always treat us right at Tom Obrien.

by Thomas from Noblesville, IN | March 3, 2013 -- Wrote a review on buying a used Jeep from O'Brien Jeep on 96th street. My review of the salesman still stands BUT a day or so later after my review posted, Diane Anderson, BDC Manager called me on a Saturday. She thanked me for my review and said that if I had any questions on the Jeep, she would personally meet with us to go over it. My wife and I were very touched and changed our whole outlook on the dealership. We love the Jeep and have since been back to buy accessories for it instead of using a closer Jeep dealer. Thank you Diane!

by davej from Indianapolis, IN | February 28, 2013 -- Tony Jones was the sales person we worked with on buy a used 2012 Grand Caravan. The process was painless and Tony was very cordial. We took a test drive haggled a small bit and we drove away with a new minivan. I would recommend Tony to anyone. It was a very easy deal.

by Thomas
from Noblesville,Indiana | February 21, 2013 -- Saw a used Jeep Wrangler on this website at Tom O'Brien Jeep, sent a message via this site and received an email from Kelly saying Dean would be calling us. The next day Kelly called to follow up to see if Dean has called us,I stated no. Later that day Dean called to introduce himself. Over the course of two days, we bought the Jeep, Dean made us feel like low life's since it was a 10 year old Jeep (buying it for our almost 16 year old) not to mention our first used car we ever bought! While waiting to see Angie, office manager, Dean said when we were ready to get ride of the Jeep he specializes in SRT vehicles and he would help us. Dean did not go over anything about he Jeep even with us telling him this is our first (first Chrysler brand). We asked how to take the soft top down, he said that he would include a video, the next day I called him without a return call so I emailed him and he sent us a YouTube link to a video. Angie was very nice, quick and painless, no questions to ask her since we paid in straight cash. Well not refer anyone to Dean.

by Randall S from indianapolis,in | February 21, 2013
We recently purchased a Dodge Grand Caravan at O'brien Chrysler on 96th street. Al McGinley assisted all the way through the process. He was extremely helpful through the entire process. He went out of his way to the the excat van we wanted with the options we wanted and without those we did not want. He was able to track it down at a dealer in Illinois and get it to us within a couple of days. If you need to find someone to work with when you want to get a new or used car, I would recommend to ask for Al.

by Petty Custom Homes from Indianapolis | February 21, 2013 -- Bought my sons first car there and they were extremely nice and easy to deal with.Talarha McDole was my salesperson and she was very professional and helpful. If your looking for a Jeep, this is the place to shop. My son loves his new Wrangler.

by Randall S from indianapolis,in | February 21, 2013
We recently purchased a Dodge Grand Caravan at O'brien Chrysler on 96th street. Al McGinley assisted all the way through the process. He was extremely helpful through the entire process. He went out of his way to the the excat van we wanted with the options we wanted and without those we did not want. He was able to track it down at a dealer in Illinois and get it to us within a couple of days. If you need to find someone to work with when you want to get a new or used car, I would recommend to ask for Al.

by Petty Custom Homes from Indianapolis | February 21, 2013 -- Bought my sons first car there and they were extremely nice and easy to deal with.Talarha McDole was my salesperson and she was very professional and helpful. If your looking for a Jeep, this is the place to shop. My son loves his new Wrangler.

by Big Bob from Indianapolis, IN | February 18, 2013 -- I ordered a Jeep Wrangler Sahara - special order from the factory to get the exact set of features I wanted. I was "double teamed" (a good thing) throughout the buying process from order placement through delivery of my new Jeep. Neil Bolinger and Rob Sloan provided outstanding support and were very knowledgeable about the different options. I also got a great deal on price. This was by far the best buying experience I've ever had. I recommend Neil and Rob to  anyone and would certainly buy another vehicle from O'Brien (this is the first Jeep, but we bought two Toyotas from O'Brien). I'm loving my new Wrangler!

by Anita from Indianapolis, In | February 14, 2013 -- Dean Williams, 'the violinist', was very friendly and inquired as to what I wanted,(not what he wanted to sell me). He also got me a better value for my trade ins. Due to the death of my husband and a very messed up credit report O'Brien's was still able to get me a very good price on my 2013 Dodge Challenger Hemi. I love my car!!!!!

by MikeW from Noblesville, IN | February 12, 2013 -- Met John King this past weekend, we came in with a fairly specific need and price point and John was able to get us set up with a great van that was more than we were looking for and at a payment that worked for us. We've had great luck with Dodge in the past and based on this experience, I'll likely be back again in the future.

By Glenn Hilbert from Indianapolis, IN | February 3, 2013 -- What a wonderful experience. Jeff Armstrong listened to my family and provided the best price and perfect match to our family's needs! It was by far the best experience I have ever had purchasing a vehicle! They bent over backwards to make sure we got what we wanted! How many times do you hear some want to say "Thank" You for the service provided during purchasing an auto! Thank you Tom O'Brien and thank you Jeff Armstrong!

By Tasha Nichols from Indianapolis IN | January 28, 2013 -- I had to purchase a car very quickly due to having my car totaled in an accident. I usually research for about 1 year in advance and I hate to make quick purchases. Talarha McDole was my sales person and she was GREAT!!!! She made me feel comfortable, worked with me on getting a car with all the options and with in my budget. I did buy a 2012 Chrysler 300 S and it had everything I wanted. I would recommed her to anyone and will certainly be back when I need to buy again. =)

By Local Second Time Buyer from Carmel, In | December 28, 2012 --The entire experience was very nice.  Starting with Sean O'Brien all the way thru to the signing of the paper work, everyone was helpful, professional, and caring that I was getting what I wanted in the car.  I started with the intension of purchasing a used car but with the assistance of Sean, I decided the the best for me was a new Dodge Journey.  It was equiped the way I wanted and the trade in was very reasonable.  This was my second experience with the people at Tom O'Brien.  The way they conduct business is why they are the best.

by Micheal R from Cincinnati, OH | December 14, 2012 -- I had narrowed down my new car to a 2013 Dodge Durango Citadel and found that Tom O'Brien had the one that I wanted; told them I would be over on Saturday at 10am. Salesman Rob Sloan met me at the door, introduced himself, offered me a beverage and directed me to a comfy seating area. We started the process and within 2 hours I had a very fair price on my new car and a very good trade-in for my old car. From the sale to financing things went very smoothly with no surprises. Overall, very pleased with Tom O'Brien and would recommend to anyone looking for a new Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge or Ram vehicle. Thx Rob!

by Buyer from Westfield, IN | December 14, 2012 -- The Tom O'Brien Dealership was excellent to work with in the buying of our 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara 4x4. Salesmen, Tony Jones and Neil Bolinger were excellent to work with. I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone who's interested in buying a car.

by Van Fan from Kokomo, IN | December 8, 2012 -- We recently purchased a certified pre-owned Chrysler Town & Country from this dealership. We had also test driven a pre-owned VW Routan while there. The entire experience was great. Talarha McDole and Jeff Armstrong were great sales associates to work with. There was never any sales pressure. We felt like we got a great deal on a 2012 Chrysler T&C. We had travelled all over central Indiana looking for a new or used van, and this was by far the most friendly dealership we interacted with. We would highly recommend them.

By Samuel from Indianapolis | December 2, 2012 -- We are a "Jeep family" so when it came time for a new vehicle the decision was easy. Are reason for picking Tom Obrien was location and their large inventory. We had to order to get the exact vehicle we wanted but are glad we did. So far we are very happy with it. Our sales consultant Talarha Mcdole was very pleasant to deal with. The trade in offer could have been a little better but thats expected. This is our 5th Wrangler and they just get better and better. I have had several buddys buy jeeps now becuase of mine. Very fun and cool vehicles. Best of both worlds. Convertible and 4 wheel drive it's a great choice!

by Sally from Indianapolis | October 29, 2012 -- We visited the dealership 2 times when looking to buy a new car. We originally worked with Henry Thomas, who was very helpful and did not put any pressure on us. 2 days later, we worked with John King who was great. He was very helpful, answered all my questions, and did not put any pressure on us. When we decided to buy used instead of new, he didn't seem disappointed and did a great job helping us with getting our 2011 Patriot. The finance lady was efficient and helpful as well.

by Jeep Enthusiast from carmel, in | November 7, 2012 -- John King was patient with my wife and I. Worked well with us and was not pushy at all and did all he could to get our deal done hassle free and timely as well. I would recommend working with him to anyone!


by Carol from Westfield In | November 25, 2012 -- I haven't encountered a salesman or dealership I like more than John King at Tom O'Brien Chrysler on 96th St. in Indianapolis in 30 years! John was extremely knowledgeable without being pushy and very patient with a womens questions and inability to make up her mind.Tom O'Briens was the only dealership to have all the vehicles that I wanted to test drive( and it was alot!)In the end I bought the first one I test drove! A Jeep Patriot Latitude and I absolutely Love It! All in all, the whole experience was wonderful.

by Blessed & Highly Favored from Indianapolis, IN | November 8, 2012 -- I went to Tom O'Brien in Greenwood to look for a used car as I bought my last car there in 2002. I saw this beautiful red Chrysler 300 and was so excited. David Herr came out to assist me & I told him that I like the 300 but was looking for something for less $. Dave showed me around, etc. but didn't push me into buying something I didn't want. Then I went to another dealership & test drove another car & the sales person wasn't as nice as Dave & the car was just a lil bit less than the 300 but w/more miles. I then went right back to Tom O'Brien and test drove the 300 & I knew it was mine. Dave Herr is a freindly, easy going salesman & I was glad to have him sell me my Dream Car.

by New Jeep Owner from Cicero, IN | October 24, 2012 -- Rob Sloan made our vehicle purchase a fun experience. It had been 10 years since our last auto purchase and Rob made it a lot less stressful. He was honest and energetic and very knowledgeable about the vehicle we bought. Thanks Rob! Donna and Eugene Schuler

by Jeep Driver from Indianapolis, IN | October 11, 2012 -- I just leased a 2012 Grand Cherokee from O'Brien and had a great experience. Our salesperson, Megan McCarty, did a great job - she was knowledgeable about the Jeep line, was attentive to our questions, and knew the details behind the current incentives. She was very helpful and our positive experience was due in no small part to her.

by Careful Buyer from Indianapolis, IN | September 25, 2012 -- Salesman John King - approached us right away. We told him our budget & needs. He immediately thought of a good match - and it was. Negotiations were fast and fair. Closing process was fast and they made accomodations to work around our budget & schedule.

by Pick-up Guy from Carmel, IN | September 24, 2012 -- We were very impressed with our salesman, Henry Thomas during the recent purchase of our 2004 Avalanche. To be honest, I was not looking at full-sized vehicles, but I could not pass this deal up. We were also very pleased with the gentleman that handled the credit process. John & Rebecca Moore

by Rolando from Carmel, IN | September 24, 2012 -- We visited Tom Obrien in Indy, very good service. We purchased a Town & Country. The sales men that provide us a great service was Mr. Bill Spencer. This gentleman makes a possitive difference when choosing a vehicle. Regards

by freddy from Columus, In | September 24, 2012 -- Frustrated waiting for delivery date, car source from other dealer, due to vacations, took time to secure delivery date. Other than that henry very courteaus and helpful, car was well presented on pick-up (apart from roof straps missing)

by Liberty from Indianapolis, IN | September 24, 2012 -- My wife and I were very pleased with the attention Rob Sloan provided during the purchase of our second Chrysler vehicle in a year. Because of Rob's caring attitude and professionalism, we didn't feel any pressure in making our decision and were treated with the utmost of respect.

by Truck Driving Man from Indianapolis, IN | September 19, 2012 -- I had a 2010 Dakota club cab which was in good shape but I wanted something bigger. In the end, I purchased a Ram 1500 Crew Cab. It makes shopping and hauling the 2 granddaughters a lot easier. Henry Thomas showed us the vehicles available and then sat down with us and had us driving a new vehicle within 3 hours. He was great to work with and kept us informed as things progressed. I did not buy the Dakota from Tom O'Brien, but had it serviced there. The service person (M. Fife) has always gotten me in and out of the service department when I had an appointment. I would recommend your dealership to anyone wanting to buy a vehicle or needing service/repair.

by Bowling enthusiast from indianapolis, indiana | September 5, 2012 -- John Lich and Henry Thomas are great. They made this transaction smooth and professional.

by Jeepster from Carmel, IN | August 29, 2012 -- Sean O'Brien greeted me in the lot, listened to my needs, then helped me find the perfect used car that suited my requests. I traded in my Jeep Wrangler for a Jeep Grand Cherokee to stay in the Jeep family I've loved my whole life. With an impending family addition on its way, a new 'family' car was in order that stayed within a certain budget. Sean helped me find this fun, fashionable, family-friendly, dependable used car (2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee) on their lot while staying on budget. The entire process was easy from start to finish, and it felt like a win-win for both sides!

by petrydish11 on 8/17/11 9:40:39 PM PDT -- I am a customer for should be too! Thank you Tom O'Brien Indy for the above and beyond customer service experience! Rob Sloan was my amazing salesman who renewed my trust and confidence in the car buying industry. There was an issue with my new-to-me SUV that required me to visit a different dealership. The O'Brien team honored their warranty and made sure that I was well taken care of. It was not an inexpensive repair and I truly believe that many other dealerships would have chosen to weasel their way out of the responsibility. If you are looking for a new Crysler, Dodge, Jeep, or other used vehicle, I STRONGLY recommend you visit Rob at Tom O'Brien.

by none/none from Indpls. IN | August 16, 2012 -- After comparison shopping for just over a month, my wife and I returned to O'Brien which had been one of our first stops. Sean O'Brien had done an excellent job of showing us a Grand Cherokee and explaining its features. On our second trip, Sean was receptive but not agressive and handled the sale for us in a very expert manner. His professional demeanor during both of our visits was likely the most persusive aspect of the transaction.

by cp1101 on 8/12/11 12:08:37 PM PDT -- Just graduating from college, this was the first vehicle I bought on my own. O'Brien had a great selection with affordable prices. Henry Thomas answered all of my questions and didn't pressure me to buy at all. The financing was great and overall I had a wonderful experience, and I couldn't be happier with my new Jeep.

by The Smurfs from Indianapolis | July 25, 2012 -- Tom O Brien located at 4630 East 96th Street in Indianapolis, IN 46240 was a great location for us to purchase our new Jeep Compass. We had a very pleasant experience with our salesman Jeff Armstrong and we would highly recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking to purchase a new vehicle. Jeff Armstrong was very intune to our wants/needs in what we were looking for. He was not pushy or overbearing. He was very polite and curtious and he listened to what we said. Jeff let US make the call(s) in what we wanted to do. He didn't try to sell us anything that we didn t want! We have no complaints with our experience at Tom O Brien located at 4630 East 96th Street in Indianapolis, IN 46240. From the parking lot to the was all clean!!! The staff that we ran across were friendly and welcoming! We would definately give more than 5 stars if we could! Should you shop here: Ask for Jeff Armstrong!

by Zach H from Chicago, IL | July 18, 2012 -- I had limited time to buy a vehicle, and Jeff Armstrong made it pretty easy. He was straightforward, upfront, and didn't push the first car I test drove. He also didn't try and keep me hostage when I walked away from purchase the first time. As with most car dealers, you have to negotiate, but Jeff and this dealership will offer you a fair price on a respectable automobile, and do so with tact. Which is something that will earn my repeat service.

by filmenthusiast from Indianapolis, IN | July 17, 2012 -- Jack Unland was a tremendous help in finding me the exact car I wanted. You have a treasure in Jack. I've always been happy with O'Brien's service and hope to be a customer for a long, long time.

by Convertible Mama from Bloomington IN | July 16, 2012 -- After having spent the last 4 weeks researching and car shopping I was so pleased with our experience with Sean O'Brien and the O'Brien dealership. Working with them was a "breath of fresh air" especially after having had some unprofessional and dishonest interactions with 2 other car dealerships/salesman in the area. My husband and I drove from 2 hours away to come back to Tom O'Brien and let Sean help us make our final purchase. If you want a profeesional who isnt dishonest, pushy, condescending or rude then you cant go wrong with Sean O'Brien and the team. He was a class act all the way. Happy "new to us" car buyer S. Nelson

by donja from Muncie, IN | July 4, 2012 -- Highly recommend Tom O'Brien. Staff is exceptional!!

by Mrs. B. from Indianapolis, In. | June 30, 2012 -- I purchased a Chrysler 200 conv. from Tom Obrien because I find them to be excellent and always ready to please. My salesperson, in thus case was Christine Ohlsen Carter. She, like everyone there went the extra mile. This s the fourth Chrysler I have purchased there and have always be pleased with their service.

by Satisfied Customer from Carmel, IN | June 19, 2012 -- I bought my new 2012 Grand Caravan from Rob Sloan at the Tom O'Brien dealership about three weeks ago. Like the title of my review says, it was the best experience I've had buying a vehicle. Rob was nothing but helpful and professional through the sale. I think I spent a total of 45 minutes to an hour at the dealership for the whole process to be completed. Rob did most of the work while I was busy moving! I told him what I wanted as far as options and colors. They found the one I wanted, had it brought to Indy and all I had to do is come in and sign the paperwork! They even found me extra rebates as well as awesome financing! I definitely recommend buying from Tom O'Brien! Ask for Rob Sloan... You will not be disappointed!

by M and m from Louisville,ky | June 17, 2012 --  Great experience when we purchased our Jeep Altituude from Christine Ohlson

by cageybee from Carmel, IN | June 13, 2012 -- I recently purchased a 2009 Certified, Pre-owned Jeep Wrangler from the Tom O'Brien North Dealership and salesman, Al McGinley. Mr. McGinley is extremely knowledgeable about Jeeps. He took time to explain the usual features, and he made sure I understood some of the unique features such as the soft top and nitrogen-filled tires. I was very pleased with the negotiations on price, the certification process and warrantee.

by Cool Mama from Fishers, UB | June 10, 2012 -- I just purchased a 2011 Dodge Charger at Tom O'Brien and I love it! The dealership has a great sales staff and TALARHA MCDOLE is the best! My husband is on crutches and they even offered to bring each vehicle TO him so he would not have to walk to each vehicle!! They have a huge selection of new and used to choose from. We will definitely use them next time!!

by stargazer7467 on 6/3/12 8:41:59 PM PDT -- great experience overall! Purchased my new 2012 chrysler 200 convertible from Rob Sloan, very helpful and knowledgeable, made sure i was comfortable every step of the way. Great communication. Matter of fact we returned to buy another 200S a couple weeks later!

by Baddots from Muncie, IN | May 30, 2012 -- I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my purchase from Tom O Brien Jeep. My salesman Henry Thomas was very easy to work with and the dealership went beyond my expectations. I am enjoying the Jeep Wrangler I purchased from them and would definitely recommend them to anyone who is in the market for a vehicle.

by Shaker from Cincinnati,Oh | May 24, 2012 -- Both Dean Williams and your Finance Manager, Randy, were very professional and a credit to your staff. They help me with the car I wanted, I was very pleased with the transaction and will be happy to use your dealership again when I need another car. Thank you all again at Tom O'Brien Chrysler, JEEP Robert Anderson

by lyates from Noblesville, IN | May 23, 2012 -- We went looking for a new Dodge Durango. We previously went to another Dodge dealership and were very disappointed in the customer service that was provided. Tom O'Brien and Bill Spencer were immediately helpful and accommodating to our needs and desires. The amount they gave us for our trade in was way above what we expected and that helped in the overall cost of our vehicle. They were willing to work with us regarding our budget and did everything they could to be helpful in that regards. We had to reschedule our initial appointment and that was done with ease as well. I would highly recommend this dealership for anyone looking for a new or used vehicle.

by PhDMathMom from West Lafayette, IN | May 19, 2012 -- I found a used Honda Odyssey 04 and emailed the dealership for a price quote. They dropped the price of the van to be slightly lower than a competitors price. I also talked with 3 different internet team members. All three were very friendly and helpful. We called ahead to let the dealership know we were coming over (It was more than an hour's drive for us), and they had the van ready for us to view and drive when we arrived. We worked with Elliot Stevens as our salesman, and he was great. He was very patient with us and helpful. He was not pushy with the sale. The van we bought had over 150K miles on it so we did not get a warranty on the van. We've only owned it for 3 weeks, but so far the purchase was a great experience and worth it. Working with Elliot was a positive experience for us, and we would do it again.

by 300 Limited Owner from Anderson, IN | May 17, 2012 -- I recently purchased a 2005 Chrysler 300 Limited AWD vehicle. Elliot Stevens was my salesman and provided a pleasant, hassle free and informative experience. The whole process from test drive through financing was smooth.


by Deaf couples from Fishers, In | May 6, 2012 -- We purchased 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan from Rob Sloan. Rob was very helpful and very professional, including fact he was very supportive of our goals.

by Mesti from Indianaopolis | April 28, 2012 -- Very good customer service. The purchase process was fast and a necessary tyre check was done immediatly.

by RickReel from Indianapolis, IN | April 26, 2012 -- I contacted salesperson numerous times. Salesperson (Megan McCarty) did not contact me. Salesperson did not solve the problem. I was sold a vehicle with a jack that did not fit.

by Tammy from Avon, IN | April 19, 2012 -- We purchase our Dodge Journey a couple od weeks ago. Dean Williams was our sales persons and he did a fantastic job. He was professional, helpful and courteous. He wasn't pushy like most salesmen are. We have and will continue to recommend him to friends and family. We will also give him our return business in the future. I can't say enough good things about Dean and the entire staff at Tom Obrien Chrysler jeep dodge ram on Indys northside. Thank you

by Chrysler lover from Noblesville, IN | April 19, 2012 -- We were very please with our purchase of a 2012 Chrysler 200S from Tom O'Brien Chrysler. The sales person, Megan McCarty was very helpful snd spent a lot of time getting exactly what we wanted. We would definetely work with her again on our next purchase.

by Teacher3JD from Indianapolis | April 18, 2012 -- After having the truck of my dreams being totaled, I went in search for a truck to fit my needs. I spoke to Mark on the phone and told him my story and my future needs for hauling a larger trailer. He told me that he would get back to me. He went searching the web for the exact trailer that I mentioned to compare the weight to the truck I wanted. I loved that he did not just talk out of the side of his head. We were both on the same page. That was a great feeling! He was supportive and did not play any games when we told him our budget and concerns of getting into another car payment. He is a motor head, but knows how to relate this to the everyday person. He is also committed to the O'brien family. Honestly, this was one of the reasons I made my purchase at Tom O'brien. Loyalty counts in my book. I absolutely love my 2012 Dodge Ram. I am not making this up; I had a man in a brand new Ford truck pull up next to me to tell me repeatedly how sharp my truck was! Phil in service was a very stand up guy as well. This place seems to be the total package!

by Review from Indianapolis IN | April 18, 2012 -- Chrstine Ohlsen was our salesperson. She was extremely helpful and very professional. Thank you!

by Raymond from Rantoul, Il | March 30, 2012 -- We found the automobile on the internet and sent a request for a call or e-mail. We received an E-mail which we followed up with a phone call and talked with Rob Sloan and was greatly satisfied with the information. I also talked to the Manager and he put the vehicle on hold for us until we could get to Indy. Upon arrival everything was ready and Rob took his time to explain everything concerning the car. I would recommend O'Briens to all of our friends and Rob as the salesman to go see.

by Out of town shopper from Galveston, In | March 30, 2012 -- Thank you so much for all the great customer service you deliver at Tom OBrien. My Husband & I were in the market to trade our Daughter's jeep on a newer car that gets better gas milage. We live out of town & we visited a couple other dealerships & were not pleased with their customer service, nor the trade in price they were going to give us. At Tom OBrien, they went above & beyond helping us to make the deal. Talara McDole was our Dealer, and she was professional & very pleasant to deal with. She made our experience a very positive one. We will continue to do buisness with Tom OBrien's dealership, as well as pass on the good word about the quality of service you deliver. Thanks again. We love our 2010 Dodge Avenger.

by Old Bald Guy from Terre Haute, IN | March 29, 2012 -- Megan McCarty at O'Brien was able to answer all my questions or find an answer quickly. I already had a vehicle in mind (which I had seen on an internet listing) so there was no "search process" but she was easy to work with, the dealership met my price, and every thing was handled in a timely and professional manner.

by Out of town shopper from Galveston, In | March 30, 2012 -- Thank you so much for all the great customer service you deliver at Tom OBrien. My Husband & I were in the market to trade our Daughter's jeep on a newer car that gets better gas milage. We live out of town & we visited a couple other dealerships & were not pleased with their customer service, nor the trade in price they were going to give us. At Tom OBrien, they went above & beyond helping us to make the deal. Talara McDole was our Dealer, and she was professional & very pleasant to deal with. She made our experience a very positive one. We will continue to do buisness with Tom OBrien's dealership, as well as pass on the good word about the quality of service you deliver. Thanks again. We love our 2010 Dodge Avenger.

by Nathan from Indianapolis, IN | March 23, 2012 -- Tom O'Brien was a great place to buy a car. We bought a 2012 Chrysler Town and Country and we love it! They were fair on pricing and easy to deal with. Talarha McDole was extremely helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable.

by The Millers from Indianapolis | March 22, 2012 -- We found ourselves in need of a car on very short notice and Dean Williams was able to help us and stay within our budget. It was overall a good buying expereince!

by Jeep Fan from Greenwood, In. | February 29, 2012 -- Elliott Stevens was my salesman. It was a pleasure doing business with Elliott, he was very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to deal with a pleasant sales person.

by Grandpa from Carmel, IN | February 29, 2012 -- Our Sales Consultant, Rob Sloan, had great patience with an older couple overwhelmed with all of the sensors and controls on the new vans. We were able to test drive a Grand Caravan and a Town & Country with the same features to compare: ride, convenience, handling,and road noise. Rob used a computer model designed to buy a vehicle to "build" the van, features and color that we wanted. This gave us list prices to compare Dodge/Chrysler. Although the Caravan was about $200 less, the Town & Country had other advantages. Rob then searched their inventory on the lot for the van we were looking for. Color preference not available. Not available at their Greenwood location either. We declined a "district search" because of two bad experiences with this process at other dealers in earlier years. We looked at T&Cs in their inventory with other colors. An acceptable color, but with more options and a higher price was available. Rob worked with the Sales Manager to make an offer that brought this vehicle into a price near what we had been considering earlier. Deal made!

by jasumme from NW side Indy | February 29, 2012 -- I bought a used car from Tom O'brian. In the first month I have taken the car back twice for pre-existing repairs. The most miles I placed on vehicle were to and from their service shop. They actually billed me for 50%^ of the repair (done in thier shop) that obviously existed prior to my purchase. They tricked me by acting like a delaer that care about the Customer. Be careful, and ensure the vehicle is checked by a third party expert. I have an appointment to purchase another vehicle fro my son, but not at Tom O'brian,

by markt from | February 28, 2012 -- my salesperson meagan was most heplful in answering all my questions and i was very pleased by the whole car buying experience from the financial part all the way thru the purchase of my vehicle. i hope and have no reason to believe i will have any thing less the a wonderful experience when my van needs service. it was actually the best car buying experience with no stess or pressure from anyone at the dealership i would definitly shop there in the future

by New Car Buyer from Indianapolis, IN | February 21, 2012 -- Henry Thomas is a man of his word and was extremely helpful in our selection of a new Chrysler 300 Limited.

by Rip jetson from Springfield il | February 20, 2012 -- Sent an email to the dealership about a 2004 mercedes. Dean williams called me the next morning and took care of everything. I drove 200 miles to pick it up the next day and was at the dealership less than an hour. Deans the man!!!!!

by Love My Grand Cherokee from Indianapolis, IN | February 8, 2012 -- I recently bought my second vehicle from this dealership in the last 6 years. Both times, I have been very pleased with the professional approach and thorough handling of a new car purchase. Mark Holthouser, my salesman, was very helpful and did an outstanding job of making this an easy transaction. I will definitely rely on Mark and O'Brien Chrysler for future vehicle purchases.


by mikrent79 on 1/23/12 6:02:28 PM PST -- I bought a used mini van from Tom O'Brien and was assisted by a Mr. Michael Langan. They were very accomodating and answered all my questions. We went through the process with 3 cars and finally found the deal and the van we wanted. I am impressed and thankful. Please dont hesitate to work with Mr Langan or this dealership.

by Mr. Ram 1500  / from Westfield Indiana | January 19, 2012: Rob Sloan Tom O'Brien's sales representative was extremely helpful and made the buying process pleasurable. He took the time to go through the whole Dodge Ram explaining all the gadgets it has.

by Soosman  / Dec 29, 2011: I have a AWD Chrysler 300 C 5.7 HEMI with over 230000 MILES!... This dealer ship is awesome! Great People and Excellent Facilities!

by Lover / Dec 29, 2011:  I absolutely love their waiting area for service, fireplace, child play area, coffee & donuts, its like Starbucks with service to your car (in my case van)... and you don't even have to get out in the cold or rain... just drive in! Very friendly staff that always makes me feel welcome!

by Dave & Jessie from Indianapolis, Indiana | December 30, 2011: Thanks to Mike Langan for steering us in the right direction buying our Jeep. Mike is a very knowledgeable person and is a pleasure working with him. Thanks Mike.

by Dodge Fan from Zionsville, IN | December 29, 2011: My salesman Rob Sloan was great! With time constraints an issue for me in shopping for a new car Rob helped me via email and we made all the arrangements from price of the new 2012 Dodge Durango, financing options, rebates, and appointment setting all through email. The whole process went as smoothly as possible and was the best of all car purchases I have ever done. I will definitely buy from Rob Sloan & the Tom O'Brien dealership in the future.

by Dennis / December 20,2011: When it comes time for us to purchase a vehicle, we research to know what we want to purchase and then find who has the particular vehicle we want to buy. We need someone to help us make our purchase, not sell us something. Bob Yorn was that person for our Town & Country purchase. We arrived at the dealership inquiring about a particular vehicle on their lot. Bob showed us the vehicle, allowed us to drive it and then helped us purchase it. No pressure, no gimmicks. I would purchase a vehicle again from Bob Yorn.

by James from Indianapolis | December 15, 2011: Christine was excellent. Very professional, knew the vehicle and communicated very well. I hate a long purchase process and she eliminated the waiting. I love the 70th Anniversary Edition Laredo I bought.

by John Williams from Indianapolis IN | December 13, 2011: My car broke down on my way home from work and I had it towed to Tom O'Brien. My car was now to the point where it was more expensive to fix it than what it was worth. The sales manager John Liche and one of his associates stayed after hours to show me some cars and even let me test drive one for the weekend. At no point was I ever pressured to buy. Everyone at the dealership was extremely friendly and I felt like family.

by Alvin from Muncie, IN | December 13, 2011: We had a great salesman that helped with our purchase choice. He didn't make us feel pressured and answered all questions we had. He was great!

by Business owner from Indianapolis | December 13, 2011: Pure & Simple. Tom O'Brien made buying my vehicle smooth & painless. Dean Williams was informative & didn't try to sell me something that I didn't need. Thanks Dean

by Avid Chrysler Enthusiast from Indianapolis, IN | December 12, 2011: I had such a good experience with Tom O'Brien that I would recommend this dealership to everyone. If you are looking for a vehicle, please ask for Rob Sloan. He is by far one of the best sales people I have ever dealt with. There is no pressure and the entire dealership does a magnificent job.

by Scott from West Lafayette,In. | December 12, 2011: Dean Williams found and delivered the exact equipment we wanted on our Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. We received everything we wanted without paying for equipment we did not want. Dean is sending us the Jeep Wrangler Owners Manual to replace the one for a Liberty that was the only mistake in the vehicle. We appreciate the mailing of this manual promptly to correct the delivery error. Dean was very knowledgeable about the many features of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. We are looking forward to receiving excellant service for ur new Jeep at Tom O'Brien as well. They had the best inventory of Jeeps in this area allowing us to select our vehicle right out of their inventory to meet our immediate need. Thank you Dean for the great purchase experience.

by Mommy from Ladoga indiana | December 12, 2011: I had a wonderful experience. Michael langan was willing to go the extra mile to help me get into a 2008 Pontiac torrent.This was the easiest car buying trip I have ever had.

by Lisa from Anderson, IN | December 12, 2011: Michael Langan was a wonderful salesman, he asnwered all of our questions and worked with us on multiple days to make sure we found the best car for us.

by Amanda / Nov 13, 2011: I purchased my Jeep in 2007 and it' ;s a fantastic car. The purchasing process was ok; nothing special about the person who sold it to me or how I was treated. Thankfully, it was a nicely made car and I've had no problems with it. My issue with this dealership is how outrageously priced their service department is. I recently ran into a problem where my car battery died after business hours and I didn't have time off from work to be able to wait around for someone to do it. I left it overnight with the service department and while the service person was nice and helpful, the price was OUTRAGEOUS. $175 for a new battery on a 2007 Jeep Compass. They argued with me that this was standard. I called other dealerships and even just basic auto stores and found that I was over-charged. When I told the service people about this, they just said that's what they charged and they don't do price matching. Sadly, it was my fault for bringing it there but I really didn't have an option. Next time I need anything done, I will definitely go elsewhere. I can't imagine their service department is turning much of a profit if they have to overcharge this bad. Although not necessarily related to the dealership, the detailing company, Prestige Auto, that runs out of the back of the service department is awesome. The owner is friendly, professional and does an AMAZING job. I would highly recommend them. I wouldn't recommend the service department. I wasn't looking to make friends at the dealership so if you are just looking to buy a car, it's not a terrible place to purchase from, you just don't get much personal attention.

indyguy23 / November 2,2011: I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone. I worked with Dean and he did a great job throughout our entire process of purchasing a car. Highly knowledgeable, honest, and up front about the car-buying process. Were willing to meet our needs as a consumer.

Momof3  / Oct 17, 2011:  Great experience purchasing a vehicle through Tom O'Brien./ Rob S. was great. We use the auto purchasing program through COSTCO to avoid the headache of haggling over price.

by Teresa from Marion | September 29, 2011: I had the most non stressful time purchasing my brand new Jeep Patriot from Tom O'brien Jeep dealers! Wonderful customer service, and hassle free experience. Michael Langan was a wonderful salesman, and they went out of their way to make my buying experience as pleasant as possible. If i had to buy from them 10 times more i would, And recommend any one to purchase a vehicle,or get repairs from this Jeep dealership.Wonderful people and honest customer service is what i was looking for an that is what i found. Teresa .

by no nickname from Indianapolis, IN | August 26, 2011: After 3 Tahoes and 22 years driving them I switched to the Jeep brand. So far my experience has been great beginning with being greeted by Megan McCarty in the parking lot as she and I were both heading to the front door. She was personable, knowledgable and helped me get what I wanted quickly. She was not pushy and being in sales myself, I can't STAND PUSHY SALESPEOPLE!!! I would highly recommend asking for her to help you with your next JEEP product. Thanks Megan, Cherry Bing and I are getting along just fine!

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